Cartopro Evolution
Content of Cartopro updates

Updates are to be made directly in the menu :
Start, Program, Cartopro Evolution, Update

  • During a right-click on a opened map, the menu "View this position in Google Earth" notified that Google Earth was not installed, even if it was.
  • The problem which announced an update while there was no uptdate available, is resolved.
  • Error during the update corrected.
  • When displaying waypoints, if option "symbols only" was used to create these waypoints, the displayed symbol was the same for all waypoints
  • Right click on a displayed waypoint to save it in Google Earth KML format
  • Expanded the importation of Google Earth .KML files for files with addresses included
  • "Waypoints List" exports files in text format with more characters for names and comments
  • Widen field for date in "Waypoints List"
  • Rectified the absence of the date while transfering or saving routes and waypoints
  • Add options to convert non standardized TOPO files into Cartopro
  • Speed up file opening while converting of non standardized TOPO files
  • Help to import text based calibration file
  • Importation of any text based calibration file on which the corner of the map are specified in decimal degree is possible for 2 or 4 points
  • Importation of mondial calibration files tfw in UTM and by list is implemented
  • Importation of any map with a calibration file containing decimal degrees for the corners of the map.
  • Importation of TopoMap maps and calibrations: http://topo-map.sourceforge.net/
    France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland at 25'000 scale
  • Enlargement of imported "Word File" format for U.T.M. coordinates
  • *.jgw aded for "Word File" importation
  • Display or edit a file after (GPX, KML, PCX,TCX) conversion. A map have to be opened open.
  • Accents accepted inside KML and GPX files
  • Rapid tool button added to search tracks,routes and waypoints files
  • Add elevation when importing kml Google Earth files
  • Problem removed during Google Earth kml file importation
  • Define an area on the map and seek for any topo file on this region
  • Parameters in the "Topo files found" window are preserved between used
  • Change serial port parameters in Options window and see modifications in "Tracking Mode" window immediately.
  • Possibility to change the speed of NMEA communication
  • Enhancement of NMEA 0183 compatibility
  • Right clic on a Map border to open an Adjacent Map.
  • ShortCut added to import maps with tfw calibration
  • When a route or a track is selected in the concerned editor, it is possible to delete all the other routes or tracks of the file.
  • Windows 32/64 bits Compatible
  • After a map is printed, the map framing is automatically saved and can be reused by a right click.
    It is also possible to save and recall a sized frame for printing.
  • New option available allowing to widen texts in the main menus of Cartorpo. This should increase visibility in outdoor conditions and in tactile mode.
  • When entering data using the "Waypoints List Editor", an option allows you to pre fill the next line.
    Using this option, the name of the point is incremented by one and degrees East and North are pre entered.
  • Ask before reducing a track pasted in the editor if the track copied is greater than the available space in the GPS.
  • Units Km, miles and nautical miles added in the Distance tool.
  • Symbols pointers added with "Mesure distance" tool.
    Add and remove symbols by right click on the window.
  • The Thickness and the Color of Routes and Tracks are saved independently in each Routes or Tracks file. These parameters will be recalled at their opening.
  • Added two shortcuts "Shift" and "Ctrl" to control "display options" of Routes and Waypoints when they are drag and drop from Windows Explorer toward Cartopro.
  • Warning Message when opening a design which has not been created on the map open. The message indicates the name of the original map.
  • Vista improvements.
  • Fixed an error while displaying a Routes or Waypoints file if a symbole does not exists.
  • Possibility to force extensions of maps during a batch importation in the cases where the extension specified in the ".map" file would be different. For example, after a conversion of maps from ozf to png.
  • Automatically corrects some error in Google Earth kml files while
  • Update Google Earth conversions, add exportations capabilities.
  • 2 NMEA sentenses added.
  • Convert "TCX" files from Garmin Edge, ForeRunner
  • Help added about these GPS
  • Export your maps with a TFW calibration file
  • Import maps with TFW calibrations (Tiff World File).
  • Help improved regarding importation of maps.
  • Add Drag and Drop capabilities for the Magellan Transfer program
  • Error message during conversion of some Magellan route file format.
  • Default folder in Magellan transfer program not saved after a waypoints file transfer
  • Error message removed for a missing msvcr71.dll
  • Copy a Route in the Tracks Editor (Convert a Route to a Track)
  • Add command parameters when starting Cartopro to treat somme files, like open a map or calibrate à list of maps.
  • Add a gauge during the treatment of files dropped into the main window.
  • Improvement of gauges
  • Right click on a comment of track to copy it in the waypoints editor.
  • To edit points of Track, Route, Waypoint or Comments of track, just right click on the point. No need to click on the editor list.
    Except for comments of track, note that the full access to these points remaind on the menu accessing by the editors lists.
  • Add help for Nüvi GPS
  • Change images on your drawings.
  • Add folder to store your drawings, images and redirected print. This folder can be changed in the Options window.
  • When one click on the menu "Show this position on another map" the list of maps availables are presented on a growing scale order.
  • Section added in the help to drop files in the main window of Cartopro
  • Button added on the welcome window with a direct access to the "drop files" help.
  • Fixed a reading error on some png files.
  • Fixed a inappropriate message when editing the Datum.ini file.
  • Open the majority of files recognized by Cartopro by simply dragging files in the main window.
  • Comments of tracks as MOB waypoints can be accessed by a right click on them.
  • Import OziExplorer maps and calibrations.
  • Add compatibility for Deg Min format when importing PCX5 data.
  • Bug corrected, during a 4 or 9 points calibration in Degrees Minutes units, the negative degrees (west and south) between 0 and -1 degrees were taken in positive value.
  • Bug corrected, during a 4 or 9 points calibration in U. T. M. units, meridian of all the points needed to be identical.
  • Auto rearrange texts position of routes and waypoints to avoid overlap
  • Each text is framed with a different color to easily differentiate its category.
  • More easy way to select a waypoint by click on its text in addition to its Icon.
  • Each text from a waypoint or a route can be manually turned to better represent the map under it.
  • Add help to import and export multiple maps at once
  • Rename Waypoints name according to their comments. In Routes and Waypoints editors.
  • Bug corrected: In tracking mode the same map was opened it self multiple times.
  • Hit "Esc" to abort automatic research functions. Useful in case of mistaken entry
  • While exporting multiple maps, Cartopro can create a calibration file for all exported maps or one calibration file per map exported.
  • Foncionality added to the "displayed" traces menu.
  • You can select displayed Routes, Tracks and Waypoints by RIGHT click instead of CTRL + CLICK. This evolution will remove a conflict between trace "only displayed" and which in edition. See Cartopro Options to set this shortcut
  • "Waypoints list" allows you to print your Flight plan and Routes plan directly without the need to save a pdf file.
  • "Waypoints list" allows you to modify multiple waypoints at a time.
  • Depending of the name of the routes in the file, "Waypoints list" could open the bad route name.
  • GPSmap 276c added by using serial 232 port. Note that It was already compatible by the usb port.
  • Default corrected. On some computers it was impossible to download files using a GPSmap 176c
  • Impossible to remove a comment of waypoint in the routes or waypoints editor. Bug fixed.
  • You have now the possibility to switch routes and waypoints between Cartopro (Routes or Waypoints) editor and the "Waypoint list" editor
  • When you switch to a new map, the line selected in the editors of routes, tracks and waypoints remains selected after the new map is opening.
  • Change background parametters of texts, with colors or transparent.
  • Some users was not able to update their version of Cartopro dated from before 02.04.2007
  • Display Route, Track and Waypoint in edition to Google Earth
  • Suppress messages to convert map into Cartopro format during tracking mode.
  • It is possible to suppress messages to convert map into cartopro format, independently in Option menu of Cartopro.
  • New files types recognized including gif etc
  • Open a map by drag and drop
  • Cartopro ask to save maps in the right format immediately when opening them. If they are already calibrated, calibration is also updated.
  • Icons Added in calibration windows popup menu.
  • Rounding factor modified. (Check box option in windows Calibration, Pointing, Distance)
  • New updater interface more friendly.
  • New installer full compatible for Vista
  • Cartopro editor can open by bouble click any file, even if the name include extended chars.
  • Option added to the import topo file software that enable to fix UTM meridian for the whole importation.
  • Can change colors and thickness of guides during 4 or 9 points calibration.
  • Guides are automatically aligned from already entered points.
  • Two more calibrations by approximations on 4 and 9 points were added.
  • Some items that concerne calibration were moved from the Tools menu to the Calibration menu
  • Frames that shows other available maps was slightly shifted in some cases because we did not take the Datum into account. They are exactly represented now.
  • Improved menu arrangement under Windows Vista
    This major update will be free for all registered users
    but the price of the new licenses will be adjusted.
  • Minor display problem was corrected in Topo Import software
  • Full Windows Vista compatible
  • Auto Importation of Mapinfo calibrated Maps (*.tab)
  • Datum.ini is updated, some datums were added
  • Cartopro Editor runs faster
  • Several useful improvements
  • Help file link and some programs icons were modified.
    To fully updating this version, you have to execute the install package.
  • EDGE compatibility
  • Compatibility improved between different screen resolutions.
  • Font unreadable on some screen is corrected.
  • Help file updated
  • Minor bug corrected at startup.
  • Corrected a scaling probleme will double click on Elevation graph
  • Add an option to block pointer in Elevation graph
  • Add positive slopes.
  • Enter manually your slope profiles.
  • Corrected a miscalculation during the calibration of a map using waypoints as P1 and P2 and a system of local coordinates.
  • Improvement of the help for advanced calibration.
    You will discover new possibilities.
  • Multiple minor improvements.
  • Improvement of help and memos.
  • Create a new waypoint based on the distance and bearing from an other one.
  • Correct a default when exporting gpx files.
    Elevation is not accepted on waypoint gpx files then value was removed.
  • Several improvements
  • Importation of GPX files.
  • Problem corrected to access a files with the Magellan transfer program if the last file used was on a hard drive that is no more available.
  • Exportation of GPX files.
  • Problem removed when editing a track file. If a track log was present but not defined on the first position of the trk file, somme track was not visible.
  • Add compatibility with Magellan Explorist USB
  • Add DMS coordinates and à new separator in Topo importation tool (TopoImport)
  • Add a route plan saved as pdf file.
    You can use it to give people the right path to follow. With comments, references, phones etc
    You can use it to walk with a compass since there contain magnetic track and distances to walk between waypoints

    You can use it with a GPS because the coordinates of each waypoint is written together with distances and true heading.
  • Add heading and distance between waypoints on routes and waypoints files (rwp swp)
  • Add heading in tool "measure distance"
  • Convert Google Earth files (Tracks, Routes and Waypoints) into their Cartopro equivalent.
  • Display Cartopro (Tracks, Routes and Waypoints) into Google Earth
  • Add fonctionality to the Waypoint list editor to read and save routes.
  • Add fonctionality to the Waypoint list editor to manage and print a small "Flight Plan"
  • Improvement of the files editor.
  • More screen copy added in help file.
  • Minor improvements.
  • Show your maps in Google Earth.
  • Make pointings from Cartopro to Google Earth
  • Toolbar added to reach usual functions more quickly. Can be removed if desired.
    Allows new users to fill more easy with the software.
  • Minor improvements of drawings.
  • Default removed...
    The Alt + Tab shortcut allow the user to switch between programs under Windows environment.
    When this shortcut is executed and if Cartopro is the only one program running, then the Cartopro windows on top of the main window are sent to back. In this condition they are no more accessible.
    This arrive only on Windows 2000 and XP
  • Remove a problem that ocured after an object in a drawing was deleted.
    The problem hapened after New button was clicked an a new object was created then deleted.
  • Add simple drawing, frames, text and images on your map.
  • Improve loading of the proximity maps list.
  • While using the menu Displaying this position on another map if several editor was opened and the files in edition was in different folders, some of them was not reopened on the new map.
  • Still more facilities to display tracks and routes.
  • Bug removed, the previous version hangs up during upload of tracks into the GPS ...
  • Improve display of elevation graphs
  • Bug corrected during display of graphs for large tracks.
    (Software was closed prematurely)
  • Importation of TTQV maps and calibrations (bmp jpg png tiff) by list.
    A whole CD for example.
  • Corrected a probleme giving the following message. n.nnn is not à floating point value.
  • Change the repertory for research of maps by simple right click at any time.
    The repertory defined in the options will remain active at the next start of Cartopro.
  • Bug corrected on tracking mode with serial NMEA  protocol.
  • New units are displayed in Tacking mode instead of previous one
    New units: D M.mmm and U.T.M..
  • Tracking could bug if Cartopro was set to Grmn serial and the GPS was set to NMEA.
  • Edit, modify numerically coordinates of points in the editor of Routes Tracks and Waypoints.
  • Visualize coordinates of displayed Waypoints, Tracks or Routes. (Outside of editors)
  • Create Waypoints from displayed Routes Tracks or Waypoints. (Evolution from previous update)
  • Move points without needing to delete them. In editors of Routes Tracks and Waypoints
  • Bug corrected in Waypoint editor. While renaming Waypoints according to their Comments (Ctrl a), empty comments was taken into account and finally empty Names was created.
  • One can use three different delimiters plus the Tab to separate columns in the tool for converting topo files.
  • Copy a waypoint displayed on the map directly in the editor by simple click on it.
  • Use waypoints to calibrate your map.
  • Bug corrected. PCX5 files will be open when you will click on it.
    Re-installation is needed for this feature
  • Changing elevation units is implemented for
    waypoint edition.
  • Expand zoom ratio for maps ftom 0.2 to 2.
  • Add nautical and English units in Editors,
    Simulations, Graphs etc.
  • Displaying Tracks, Routes or Waypoints during
    Tracking Mode was disturbed if
    "Display saved Track" was chosen.
  • Minor update improvement for some help mesages
  • Minor update to be compatible with the demo on the
  • A translator defect was corrected. The selected
    language did not remain systematically in place.
  • Extended the possibilities of the importation tool for "U.T.M." and "Degree Minutes" coordinates.
  • Track area displayed on track editor.
  • The majority of coordinates list or topos files saved in text format can be imported into Cartopro.
    OziExplorer, Fugawi, Alpenverein, Kompass, MapSource, etc
  • New license Cartopro Evolution      
Cartopro Evolution Upgrade (New license 28 Euros)     Explanations FAQ
  • During tracking mode, the arrow of direction was turned of 90° compared to the real direction.
  • During transfer from the GPS to the PC, some Routes was abnormally numbered. The consequence is that Cartopro do not see these Routes.
  • Stop exportation of calibrations by typing "Esc" key
  • A gauge is displayed during exportation.
  • In some cases, the print window do not close after printing.
    This bug was corrected.
  • Waypoint List can remove routes from a rwp file.
  • After suppressing a line in Waypoint list, a second one was suppressed if we hit a key (For example Alt + Tab)
  • Waypoint list asked to save file even if no modifications was made since the last file opening.
  • Shortcut added to display routes without name nor comment.
    "Ctrl + Y"
  • Scan of proximity maps 2 times faster
  • Import and export calibrations by list without opening the maps
  • Tools to sort unused calibrations
  • Waypoint list editor can save routes
  • Memo added for calibration and editors.
    Right click on Help button to show memo.
  • Possibility to change the projection origin while importing non topographic Quovadis maps. More maps can be imported.
  • Modifiing USB device parameters is now possible on the options menu of Cartopro. (Nbr of pts, characters, etc). You can save and reopen them like you want.
    Some of them are already predefined.
  • Some minor modifications.
  • Add symbols in "Waypoint List" editor
  • USB GPS are always recognised under Setup: "Garmin USB".
  • In some cases, the hourglass stayed visible without reason.
  • After successive install uninstall of Cartopro it occurred sometimes that icons in Start, Program, Cartopro was not correctly displayed. The installation program InstallShield was updated to correct this problem.
  • Bug corrected for all USB GPS
  • Garmin protocol added for tracking mode.(USB and Serial)
  • Only for USB Gps,a small bug was corrected about very old track files dated from before 2001.
  • GPS Usb implemented
  • Choose language at the end of installation.
  • In some cases, during track edition, the thickness of track could change. This bug was corrected.
  • The gauge was permanently displayed if we clicked on screen in the same time the gauge refreshed.
  • Track transfer blocked sometimes.
    Speed was a little bit decreased.
  • Export to PCX files
  • Editing elevation on Routes and Waypoints editors
  • Track transfer about 2 times faster.
  • Imports PCX files
  • Problem corrected on colors conversion
  • Auto importation for map of which calibration file is in the same folder as the map.
  • Google access by the Tools menu
  • ForeTrex 201 added.
  • Still more assistance to find the right Datum of your Maps
  • Several improvement ...
  • Increase quality of your Map images by
    correcting histogram of colors.
    Easy and efficient method.
  • Reduction of colors efficient for any size of map
  • GPSmap 162 added
  • Cartopro import automatically the calibration of a non calibrated map if the calibration file (.cal) is on the same folder as the map.
  • Enabling edition for more than 11 tracks.
  • Opening the recently opened maps with memorisation of positions
  • A shift of map visibility during file displaying was corrected.
  • Adding GPS Map 60CS
  • Several improvements.
  • Update item moved on Help menu.
  • Editing list to fill waypoint manually by their coordinates.
    Also with "Cartopro transfer".
  • Many practical modifications.
    Adding Icons on some menu items.

  • Adding GPSMap 196
  • Partial update
    Click on Windows menu:
    Start, Program, Cartopro, Update ..
  • Full Update Recommended
    This version contain new links and Icons
    To perform à complete update you will have to
    - Uninstall Cartopro
    - Reinstall the new version
    _in the same folder.

    Cartopro.cal contain all your map calibrations, you will find its path folder on option window.
    Menu: Tools, Options.
    Note this path and make à copy of the file before updating and correct eventual changes after reinstallation.
  • Redirect your printing to Acrobat pdf files.
    The best compatibility for sending your
    course's plan by e-mail.
  • You can redirect printing on many other files like jpg, tif, bmp,
    png and more. Each format will conserve grid size for further
    Modify easily all text font, colors, lines thickness etc.
  • ForeRunner 201 added.
    GPS 72 added
  • Minor improvements.
  • Speed up transfer between PC and GPS.
    Adjust the speed by right click on window.
  • Added escape possibillity during reduction of
    points when copying track log to an other track.
  • Add GPS III Pilot
  • Concerning Track, Routes and Waypoints editors.
    When you tried to recover last saved file Undo._wp,
    but you never saved the file before, you risked to loose data.
  • Translation finished
  • Semi-automatic search of the GPS by SerialCartopro.
    more practical and efficient.
  • Cartopro will be able to switch language,
    French <=> English in real time in Tools menu.
  • Adding Geko 301
  • Cartopro can open raster map of type TIFF(LZW) format.
  • Re-look of the startup page.



Create modify and save routes, tracks and waypoints by simple clicks on screen
Cartopro works with any scanned map
Transfer your data easily between your PC and your GPS using RS 232 or USB
Compatible with Garmin and Magellan eXplorist