The upgrade to Cartopro Evolution works
for all version of Cartopro from 1996
What is new ...
Display trace preserved while editing, after having switched to another map etc.
Many display options added. So user friendly, you can modify it easily.
You can display simultaneously as many topo files you want.
Displayed topo files can be edited by simpel click.
Memos added for an easy training of Cartopro Ev.
Memos can stay displayed while using Cartopro Ev.
You can easily deactivate or reactivate this memos.
You have the possibility to make traces blinking enabling you
to observe the map under.
You can switch map during simulation or when displaying track elevation.
All traces will be displayed after switching
Borders maps more accurate when using tracking mode, the next map will be opened before reaching the border of the map.
When displaying frames from other maps onto a larger map, the frames represents the exact position of the maps.
(You can open them by simple click inside the frame)
Improvement of the communication between PC and USB GPS
Conversion tool for many tracks and waypoints from oters software.
All Cartopro files from 1996 up to now are compatible with Cartopro Evolution
As for the older version, updates of Cartopro Evolutions are free.
The old version of Cartopro will not be update any more.
Discover with Cartopro Evolution an environment even more convivial and powerful.
English and French versions are the same exe files so they have exactly the same possibility, but English adaptation was clearly improved.

This upgrade to Cartopro Evolution had required more than 450 hours of work.
After that, Cartopro Evolution was fully tested and debugging while organizing en during
the 2 weeks of a raid in South Morocco